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FOMO is not your friend

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Summer can be a time that's more #instaworthy than anything else. Here are some things to keep in mind for a healthy and productive summer.

1. No one posts their low points

Unless you are looking at a finsta, there is a good chance that you are only seeing the absolute best parts of someone's summer. You aren't seeing their bad days and weak moments; instead you are seeing their amazing vacations and summer hangouts. No one spends everyday by the pool or on the beach having the time of their lives. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, has those rough days that no one would consider worthy of a post. Don't think everyone else is having fun all of the time.

2. People can be dumb in the moment

Did someone tell you they weren't able to hang out with you and then post pictures with other friends? Everyone has been there. Even your closest friend can have plans when you want to hang out. When that person gets around their other friends they may post about their fun times or even send pictures to you as part of a group. Do not take it personally unless you find yourself catching someone in a lie. Just because they couldn't hang out with you doesn't mean that they can't have fun and share about it. While you may be sad without someone to hang out with for the night, don't take it out on the people having a fun time unless you feel that you should have been invited. If you think there might be a miscommunication just say so; it's best to talk and clear it up rather than to let your feelings linger. Just be sure to always give people a chance to explain themselves ;)

3. Spread the love (and the time)

The coming of summer can bring pressure to have as much fun as humanly possible while you can. While it is important to have a great time, try to space out your summer plans. You do not have to constantly be doing things to combat a fear of having a boring summer. Your summer will be eventful and fun, whether or not you spend every waking hour doing something amazing. If you try to constantly have the most amount of fun possible you will end up burnt out and distraught when you are not doing anything. Make sure your summer is full of things to look forward to and not just times to look back on. Keep your schedule at a good pace for you throughout the summer - and remember that pace is different for everyone! Some people may only want to hang out once every few weeks while others may want to have plans every weekend. Make sure to spread out how often you are doing things and, most importantly, who you do them with. Try not to spend the entire summer with one person or friend group and instead take this opportunity to see people you would not normally see throughout the year. Your go-to friends will always be there, but try to branch out and make stronger relationships with other people you have met over the years. You will be surprised how satisfying your summer will feel after having a such a diverse range of friends and activities.

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