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Hear It From Me

When picking a Gold Award Project for Girl Scouts I had to look at the problems our society was facing.  One that continually came to mind was the amount of negativity on the internet that teens see and how it impacts their daily lives. I am looking to release more positivity and joy into the world through this blog.  I hope to inspire others and change how teens feel about themselves while giving our generation a safe space on the internet to explore and gain advice on basic things.

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Everyone is important

This is a huge thank you to some very special people who all made this project possible.  Thanks to the project mentor Mary Blancke, my GSNC project mentor, Director of Media Marie Codella, GSNC and GSUSA.

We are also grateful for the modeling of Marie Codella, Andrew Glick, Thomas Schreckinger, Robyn Lindsay, and Shannon Boyle.

Daily Dose gives many thanks to @goandgrowyou, @gabrielitaliaa, @howamifeeling, @crazyheadcomics, @pimmhpenn, and @_hi_anxiety_ for their continued support and content.

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