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Keep Doing You

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Dance it out

Dance it out

Priya's Dance Journey

"A lot of people often wanna showcase the best version of themselves on social media, but I actually wanted to come here and do the quite opposite. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t really like the way I dance. And anytime someone compliments my dancing, it genuinely makes me feel extremely lucky that something so special in my heart has an impact on them. But here is a routine filled with so many imperfections, and me doing the wrong steps more times than I can even count haha (let’s not even mention my freestyle). But each wrong move, step, or turn that I do motivates me to keep going, pushing, and practicing even more. I think we sometimes get so caught up in the little details and thinking that we have to be the best at what we’re passionate about, that we don’t take a step back and truly enjoy those special, slightly imperfect moments. Dancing makes me the happiest version of myself, and there’s no question about it. And I know, though I will never stop hustling to get better at it, I will never stop cherishing moments like these, where I’m surrounded by nothing but love and happiness. So here is imperfection. And I’m pretty damn proud of it." @priyashahhh


Let's Hear Your Opinions

To what extent does social media and the internet impact your life in a positive or negative sense?

How can you ensure that social media and the internet are only used for your enjoyment and not for your detriment?

Do you notice a change in your mental state when you are using social media and the internet versus when you are not using those outlets?

Is there somewhere on the internet that you consider a positive resource and safe space for your and others?

What is the first thing you think of when you think of social media and the internet?

Is there any way to make social media and the internet a more positive space for all?

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